You made me see
that a person
multiplied by another person
is infinity.

Girona, May 31st, 2010

I wish you all to find your "infinity" in the coming year. Cheers!

the river

"The River"

to the breath of the river
to the heartbeats of its stones
to the muffled screams they're making
to the whispers heard above

at the stones thrown into water
at the river flowing still
at the rings at the surface
at pretentious waves they seem to be

Show me
the man throwing rocks
the reasons of its choices
the reasons of boulders' silence
and the reasons of pebbles' noise

comic strip #14 "Giuseppe the cat"

So, now I want you all to imagine that you're sixty years old. What are you thinking of, Pete? -I live alone in an attic, I eat canned food only and I have a cat named Giuseppe. -Why Giuseppe? -'Cause it's my cat and I can give it whatever fuckin' name I want! Also, you're dead, so we're not having this conversation.

comic strip #13 "Slept with Megan"

-Who told you I had slept with Megan?! -She did. -Well, you can tell her that she's a stupid bitch! -So you didn't? -Yes, I did. Why?

comic strip #7 "It Hits The Fan"

I'm pretty sure you misheard something again.


Another aquarelle here for you. This one is called "Forest".

audire facere est

This is a composition I made for inund'ART 2010 exhibit in Girona.

It was a part of performance of the same name and I had a huge pleasure to work on it with my beloved friends: Olga (stop-motion video) and Irene (choreography). You can watch the video from the performance here:

comic strip #6 "Mirror"

-What the hell... -What the hell...

comic strip #4 "Thinking"

Dude, no wonder you got beat up. If you see some pissed off guys in leather jackets, you don't go and say they look like fags! What were you thinking?! -Man, those guys look like fags.

comic strip #1 "G Spot"

After many years of research we succeeded in finding the g-spot. It seems to be in this area.


The autumn is long gone here in Gdańsk, but I'll start with an aquarelle entitled "Autumn".


After giving it some thought, not a lot, I've decided on how this blog should look like.

Since I do a lot of different thing and it seems I'm unable to focus on only one of them - I will dedicate this blog to all of them. This will be my mind and I open it to you.

Hope you find some things that won't scare you.